Lorde Pacal EP

by Peixefante

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Peixefante's first EP, "Lorde Pacal", tells the tales of mankind's curiosity towards the universe and its countless mysteries.

K'inich Janaab' Pakal (Lorde Pacal) was a boy king who ruled the Mayan people many centuries ago. According to inscriptions on pyramids and sacred murals architected by Pacal himself and similar Egyptian artifacts, scholars conclude that mankind is blessed with the arrival of super gods whom, from time to time, brings knowledge about the super science of the sun, the cycles of sunspots, the inversions of magnetic poles and periods of infertility, as well as lessons about the illusion of this life and the trials through which we must pass here on earth before 'elevating' to heaven. These gods are called The Feathered Serpent (the serpent represents the molting of skin, or incarnations , through which we all have to go before the purification and the feathers are the wings of those whom have been already elevated).


Prologue - Intro

A shy and slow evolution that already totals hundreds of thousands of years, gave man the right to be able to live rather than survive. No killing or dying for the next meal. Only the comfort of a warm bed and the pleasure to have food on the table.

Chapter I – Por Baixo da Blusa

The tranquility towards the natural dangers of the world was the kickoff for the interest of man on things that are beyond our comprehension, such as the metaphysical aspects of life and the inner world that is within us all.

Chapter II – Tão Maior

After a look inside ourselves, it was time to take a bigger step and look at what is beyond, not only of the mind but of our domain as "forest kings": the universe. We are curious animals by nature and the night sky fascinates us. The darkness and the golden sparkling lights that take place as the sun makes it’s visit to the underworld were too provocative and nurtured in us, "homo sapiens", a sacred desire to find out what is there beyond what we can touch and feel.

Chapter III – Cruzada Moderna

Irreparable ambitious we are, we could never content ourselves just by contemplating the beauty of the virgin sky that presents every night. We are never satisfied until we can call each of one these wonderful asteroids "my stars". So we gathered all available knowledge and technology, then built what was necessary for us to go seeking for answers to all those questions that still consumes us. A crusade in search of the Holy Grail of knowledge.

Chapter IV - Entrestrelas

We then found ourselves on a research trip through space, seeking simple answers about chemicals to evidences that could explain our existence and other forms of life, perhaps even brothers who were taken away from us and we sense could still be alive somewhere. Concepts such as the relativity of time began to become tangible, as well as a hint of fear when we realize that we couldn't go back. Knowing that every minute away from home can be many years spent on earth is a terrifying thing and it would still be a very long road to follow.

Chapter V - Simples

After years of a journey without an ending point, we not only miss our relatives and friends but also the most silly and trivial things. The taste of bitter coffee when we are having a chat, the sound of children playing in the yard and even the feeling of walking barefoot on a carpet. Add all these things to a long period of solitude, so the urgency of returning home becomes unbearable.

Chapter VI - Lorde Pacal

Going back to our home can be a problem for one reason: it wouldn't be the same anymore, or not even be there. But loneliness makes us ignore this all and take the road back. But if the Earth was no longer the same, everything we know could not be there anymore, including our own kind. So, if other beings now inhabit the planet, couldn't we be the extraterrestrials? A completely strange looking humanoid form to the new tenants, with technology that they could never even imagine to have? Couldn't we be The Feathered Serpent itself, descending from heaven and bringing light and knowledge to this new species? Maybe...


released June 25, 2015

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Peixefante.



all rights reserved


Peixefante Goiânia, Brazil

The band was put together in early 2015 due to the similar musical interests shared by the five friends: Ornelas, Lipito, Waltim, Luique and Enzo.

The music transcends and the Goiânia based brazilian band enters the scene willing to add some new life to it and to lead the way to those who wanna take a ticket to ride. But no one knows the way back home.
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Track Name: Por Baixo da Blusa
"Imagine só
Quanta coisa há em nós
Por baixo da blusa
Além do espelho
Respire fundo
Descubra o segredo

Oceano de pensamentos e veias
De fendas profundas
De ondas gigantes
Molhando de novo
O que molhou antes"
Track Name: Tão Maior
"Seus olhos nus
Ofuscam a luz dos olhos meus
E o céu sem cor
No tom do amor
Engole os sonhos seus
E os meus olhares
O sal e o azul dos mares

Seu não ter fim
Zomba de mim que tenho só o agora
E em gratidão
Te estendo a mão
Pra me levar embora num cometa
Tomara que eu me esqueça"
Track Name: Cruzada Moderna
"Pela vida eterna
Pelos homens de pouca fé
A cruzada moderna
Vai em busca do que se é

A serpente emplumada
O trabalho de cada um
Construíram as asas
Pra voar a lugar nenhum

Outra via materna
Outro leite pra conceber
A cruzada moderna
Leva a vida a se conhecer

Todo canto que a visão tocar
Pode ser onde ela está
Noutro plano em qualquer lugar
Sem ter como voltar

Vai ser longa a estrada a seguir..."
Track Name: Entrestrelas
"Faz tempo que eu morri
Milênios que passou o que ainda há de vir
E muito pra chegar no que aconteceu em mim

Vai ser um tempo só
Poeira num abismo cada vez maior
Vivendo num futuro que ficou pra trás no fim

Faz tempo que eu não sei
O gosto de um dia sob o astro rei
E um pouco de energia do planeta sol em mim"
Track Name: Simples
"Há algum tempo
Um tempo atrás
Duas casas
Dois quintais

Do infinito a criação
Entre o raio e o trovão

Sem segredo"
Track Name: Lorde Pacal
Quero voltar
Sou parte dela também

Algo mais
Pelo menos alguém

Vou pra longe daqui
Voltar pro lugar de onde eu vim
Não tem mais ninguém
Que me faça sentir algo além
Só eu e o vasto espaço nu

Hoje eu vi
Algo estranho ao sul
Parecia o fim do mundo
E caiu

Veio numa imensa nave irreal
Como diz a lenda
Lorde Pacal

Logo eu
Que nunca acreditei
Ser maior que o próprio astro rei
No final"